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nacelle cross-sectionclick to hear

nacelle cross-section lightning rod alternator high-speed shaft speed-increasing gearbox low-speed shaft wind vane anemometer ball bearing

lightning rod click to hear

Metal rod that is attached to the nacelle; it protects the wind turbine from lightning, which it directs toward the ground.

alternator click to hear

Rotating machine that is driven by the high-speed shaft; it converts mechanical energy into electric energy and then directs it to the transmission network.

high-speed shaft click to hear

Cylindrical piece that transmits the high-speed movement of the rotor to the alternator; it turns at about 1,500 rpm.

speed-increasing gearbox click to hear

Part that increases the rotational speed of the rotor to drive the alternator.

low-speed shaft click to hear

Cylindrical part that transmits the rotor hub’s movement to the gearbox; the low-speed shaft usually turns at 20 or 30 rpm.

wind vane click to hear

Instrument that indicates wind direction using a vane that rotates around a vertical axis.

anemometer click to hear

Instrument that measures wind speed using cups that rotate around a mobile shaft at varying speeds.

ball bearing click to hear

Part that consists of steel rings with steel balls inserted between them; it reduces friction as the shaft rotates.