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vertical-axis wind turbineclick to hear

Wind turbine whose axis is perpendicular to the wind.
vertical-axis wind turbine base central column strut aerodynamic brake guy wire rotor blade

base click to hear

Structure that supports the wind turbine’s rotor and houses the equipment used to produce electricity (including the gearbox and the alternator).

central column click to hear

Vertical cylindrical part to which the blades are attached; the force of the wind on the blades causes it to rotate.

strut click to hear

Horizontal piece that connects the blades to the central column to strengthen them.

aerodynamic brake click to hear

Emergency braking system; it consists of shutters attached to the blades, which automatically deploy when the wind turbine gathers too much speed.

guy wire click to hear

Cable that connects the top of the vertical axis to a concrete base to hold the wind turbine in an upright position.

rotor click to hear

Rotating part of the wind turbine that is usually made up of two or three blades; its rotation drives the alternator to produce electricity.

blade click to hear

Aerodynamic part that is attached to the central column; the force of the wind turns it to drive the rotor.