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Highly nutritious white liquid secreted by some domesticated female mammals and consumed as food; used alone, the word refers to cow’s milk.
milk buttermilk powdered milk evaporated milk goat’s milk homogenized milk

buttermilk click to hear

Tangy liquid that separates from cream during churning; today, commercial buttermilk is made by adding bacterial culture to milk.

powdered milk click to hear

Dehydrated milk that can be stored for one year without refrigeration if the container remains unopened.

evaporated milk click to hear

Milk from which a significant percentage of the water has been evaporated; it has a high milk fat content and is used primarily for making desserts.

goat’s milk click to hear

Whiter and stronger-tasting than cow’s milk, it is also easier to digest.

homogenized milk click to hear

Milk processed so the fat particles remain suspended instead of rising to the surface; varieties include whole, partially skimmed or skim.