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delicatessen [2]click to hear

Foodstuff made from the meat (usually pork) or offal of various animals; among the many different varieties, some can be consumed as is, some are cooked.
delicatessen [2] chorizo pepperoni German salami Genoa salami blood sausage

chorizo click to hear

Semidry Spanish sausage seasoned with red chiles, available in several versions that vary in spiciness; it is often added to paella.

pepperoni click to hear

This dry, somewhat spicy Italian sausage is a favorite pizza topping; diced, it is added to certain dishes to give them more flavor.

German salami click to hear

Made with finely ground beef and pork, it is usually served sliced, as an hors d’oeuvre, but also on pizza and canapés and in sandwiches.

Genoa salami click to hear

Dry Italian sausage made with a mixture of pork, veal and fat; the thin slices are often served as an hors d’oeuvre.

blood sausage click to hear

The main ingredients in blood pudding are blood and suet (from pigs or other animals) packed into a casing; white pudding is made from white meat and milk.