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Wild animals that can legally be hunted and eaten as food; includes large and small game animals and game birds.
game pigeon pheasant rabbit hare quail guinea fowl

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Eaten since ancient times, pigeon is broiled, sautéed or roasted, or braised when the bird is mature; it is traditionally served with green peas.

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Young pheasant are often broiled and served with a moist stuffing; as they age, they become dry and less tender and so are usually made into terrine or pâté.

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Wild rabbit has a more pronounced flavor than domesticated rabbit, which tastes like chicken; it is often prepared with a mustard sauce.

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The dark meat has a stronger flavor than rabbit meat. Young hares can be roasted or sautéed; older ones are marinated, then jugged or made into terrine or pâté.

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Roasted, braised, broiled or cooked in a casserole, this small bird is a prized delicacy; it is delicious cooked with grapes.

guinea fowl click to hear

The same size as a small chicken, it is more flavorful when young and weighs less than 2 lbs; its flesh is slightly gamy.