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cuts of porkclick to hear

Pieces taken from a pig carcass, the most tender of which come from the loin (back); the side (belly), leg (butt) and shoulder are the least tender parts.
cuts of pork ground pork spareribs hock smoked ham loin chop roast

ground pork click to hear

It is made from various parts of the pig and is very tender; it is used especially to make stuffed vegetables and meat loaf.

spareribs click to hear

They comprise sections of rib taken from the back and the attached muscles; North American-style Chinese cooking usually serves them with sweet-and-sour sauce.

hock click to hear

Also called "shank end", it comes from the lower section of the pig’s front or hind leg; it is used to make the traditional pork hock stew.

smoked ham click to hear

Taken from the pig’s legs, this cut is preserved by smoking; it is sold as is, boned or sliced and can be prepared in numerous ways.

loin chop click to hear

Piece composed of a bone from the rib section and the attached muscles; some, like the butterfly chop, are sold boned.

roast click to hear

Piece of meat intended for roasting; the gigot, taken from the hind section of the carcass, is the best-known cut and is a traditional Easter dish in some countries.