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spices [3]click to hear

Plant substances, often of exotic origin, used primarily for their flavor and pungency to enhance the taste of various recipes.
spices [3] cayenne chile crushed chiles garam masala asafetida ajowan paprika jalapeño chile dried chiles bird’s eye chile

cayenne chile click to hear

Dried red chile powder used specifically to make Tabasco® sauce; it is so hot that one pinch is enough to season an entire dish.

crushed chiles click to hear

Dried crushed chiles that contribute flavor and spiciness to a variety of recipes; they are commonly used in pasta dishes.

garam masala click to hear

Indian spice blend of which there are countless varieties, some numbering up to 12 ingredients; it is used to season pilafs and meat dishes.

asafetida click to hear

The dried gum derived from two species of giant fennel, its unpleasant smell dissipates with cooking; it adds flavor to vegetables, fish and Indian sauces.

ajowan click to hear

Highly fragrant, it tastes like thyme; among other uses, it is added to starchy foods, legumes and Indian wafers.

paprika click to hear

Extensively used in Hungarian cooking, this somewhat hot powder combines dried sweet red pepper and red chiles; it is used to flavor and color numerous foods, such as eggs and potatoes.

jalapeño chile click to hear

Relatively mild chile, native to Mexico and sold fresh, dried or marinated; it turns red when ripe.

dried chiles click to hear

The smaller dried chiles are generally stronger than the large ones, which can be dry-roasted before use to bring out their flavor.

bird’s eye chile click to hear

Small, intensely hot chile; removing the seeds and interior membranes alleviates the fiery taste.