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checkoutclick to hear

Counter with a cash register located at the exit where shoppers pay for their purchases.
checkout cashier cash register optical scanner bagger grocery bags electronic payment terminal

cashier click to hear

Employee who records the purchases, receives payment and, when necessary, gives change.

cash register click to hear

Device that records the details of each article and calculates the total amount due. The collected sum is then placed in the cash register drawer.

optical scanner click to hear

Apparatus that reads the bar codes of items and automatically displays the price on the cash register screen.

bagger click to hear

Employee whose main duty is to bag the shopper’s purchases and, sometimes, to carry them out to the shopper’s car.

grocery bags click to hear

Paper or flexible plastic containers in which the shoppers’ purchases are packed and carried.

electronic payment terminal click to hear

Apparatus where shoppers can use a debit card to pay for their purchases by making a withdrawal from their bank account.