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leaf vegetables [1]click to hear

Leaves of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
leaf vegetables [1] leaf lettuce celtuce sea kale collards romaine lettuce

leaf lettuce click to hear

Lettuce having soft wavy leaves with curly edges; like most types of lettuce, it is usually eaten raw, in salads or sandwiches.

celtuce click to hear

A celerylike vegetable that is derived from lettuce; it combines the flavors of celery and lettuce.

sea kale click to hear

Widely used in Europe, its leaves and wide fleshy stems are prepared like asparagus.

collards click to hear

It has thick, strongly flavored leaves and tough central ribs; it is eaten like spinach, either raw or cooked.

romaine lettuce click to hear

Lettuce with firm crisp leaves used especially to make Caesar salad.