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automatic drip coffee makerclick to hear

Electric coffee maker that allows hot water to drain into a paper filter containing the ground beans, and coffee to drip into the carafe below.
automatic drip coffee maker warming plate carafe basket lid on-off switch signal lamp water level reservoir

warming plate click to hear

Surface used to keep the coffee warm.

carafe click to hear

Container with a spout into which the coffee drips and that is used to pour it.

basket click to hear

Removable container that holds the filter with the ground beans.

lid click to hear

Removable part covering the reservoir and under which the basket is located.

on-off switch click to hear

Button for turning the device on or off.

signal lamp click to hear

Light showing that the appliance is on.

water level click to hear

Indicates how many cups of coffee can be made.

reservoir click to hear

Container holding the water to be heated.