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for cooking [3]click to hear

Appliances that bring raw food into contact with a heat source in order to cook them.
for cooking [3] deep fryer signal lamp thermostat timer rack filter lid basket

deep fryer click to hear

Container with a heating element that raises the temperature of fat high enough to deep-fry food.

signal lamp click to hear

Light indicating when the desired temperature has been reached.

thermostat click to hear

Device used to regulate fat temperature.

timer click to hear

Device used to monitor cooking time.

rack click to hear

Notched device used to raise or lower the basket.

filter click to hear

Device that absorbs the steam from hot fat.

lid click to hear

Removable part that covers the deep fryer during cooking.

basket click to hear

Wire mesh container with a detachable handle designed to hold foods during frying and drain them once cooked.