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for cutting [1]click to hear

Appliances used primarily for separating elements into small parts or portions.
for cutting [1] disks food processor motor unit spindle speed selector bowl handle blade lid feed tube pusher

disks click to hear

Blades that can replace the cutting mechanism to grate or mince food.

food processor click to hear

Electric appliance comprising a motor unit, a blade and a set of disks used for cutting, chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, kneading, etc.

motor unit click to hear

Part containing the motor and the various circuits making the appliance work.

spindle click to hear

Shaft that transmits the motor’s movement to the blade or disks.

speed selector click to hear

Device used for controlling the rotation speed of the blade or disks.

bowl click to hear

Container in which food or ingredients are placed.

handle click to hear

Part used to pick up and move the bowl.

blade click to hear

Propeller blade that mixes or grinds food as it turns.

lid click to hear

Removable part covering the bowl.

feed tube click to hear

Conduit in which food is placed.

pusher click to hear

Device that pushes food into the bowl.