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miscellaneous utensils [3]click to hear

miscellaneous utensils [3] tasting spoon melon baller vegetable brush baster egg slicer ice cream scoop

tasting spoon click to hear

Wooden spoon consisting of two bowls joined by a shallow groove used to take and taste liquids.

melon baller click to hear

Spoon used to cut small round pieces from the flesh of fruits or vegetables.

vegetable brush click to hear

Utensil used to clean certain vegetables, such as potatoes.

baster click to hear

Utensil with a graduated tube and a rubber bulb; it is used to suck up cooking liquid and drizzle it over the meat.

egg slicer click to hear

Device that uses taut steel wires to slice a hard-boiled egg.

ice cream scoop click to hear

Spoon used to remove a serving of ice milk or ice cream from a container.