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brickclick to hear

Block of compressed baked clay, laid in rows with the help of mortar to form various masonry work, such as walls, partitions and chimneys.
brick mortar perforated brick firebrick brick wall solid brick hollow brick partition tile

mortar click to hear

Mixture of fine aggregates (pebbles, gravel, sand), water and a binder (cement or lime), used to join masonry components or to coat masonry after it is completed.

perforated brick click to hear

Small brick with vertical holes, whose dimensions are usually no greater than 40% of the brick.

firebrick click to hear

Brick that can withstand very high temperatures without deforming.

brick wall click to hear

solid brick click to hear

Small brick, not perforated, used especially in building or covering various types of walls.

hollow brick click to hear

Large brick, over 40% of which is composed of horizontal cells.

partition tile click to hear

Hollow brick, usually worked with the help of plaster, used to build or line partitions.