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Set made up of an electric drill and a table mounted on a column, for drilling holes of a given depth in succession.
drill press motor feed lever table-locking clamp column base table chuck quill depth stop switch pulley safety guard

motor click to hear

feed lever click to hear

Lever activating a mechanism for lowering or raising the chuck.

table-locking clamp click to hear

Locking device used to keep the table at a desired height.

column click to hear

Cylindrical post fixed into the base; it supports the tool’s table, motor and head.

base click to hear

Support on which the tool rests, which can be bolted down to ensure maximum stability.

table click to hear

Flat surface whose height is adjustable; it supports the piece to be drilled.

chuck click to hear

Device with jaws for attaching the bit or drill to the tool.

quill click to hear

Hollow part in which an arbor supporting the chuck slides up and down.

depth stop click to hear

Device regulating the chuck’s depth of penetration.

switch click to hear

Button for turning the device on or off.

pulley safety guard click to hear

Case protecting the pulleys and the belt linking the motor to the drill.