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electric drillclick to hear

Portable electric tool using variable-speed rotation to pierce holes and to drive drills and bits.
electric drill jaw plug cable pistol grip handle auxiliary handle chuck cable sleeve trigger switch switch lock housing warning plate nameplate chuck key

jaw click to hear

The parts of the chuck that grip the tool to keep it firmly in place.

cable click to hear

pistol grip handle click to hear

Part shaped like a pistol grip so the wrist remains straight while holding the tool.

auxiliary handle click to hear

Tubular handle providing a firm grip and stabilizing the tool while drilling.

chuck click to hear

Device with jaws for attaching the bit or drill to the tool.

cable sleeve click to hear

Protective casing around the cable to avoid twisting and prevent wear.

trigger switch click to hear

Connection mechanism for starting or stopping the tool by squeezing with the finger.

switch lock click to hear

Device locking the switch in position to keep the saw working for a prolonged period.

housing click to hear

warning plate click to hear

Plate providing certain safety precautions to avoid injuries caused by misuse of the tool.

nameplate click to hear

Plate showing the name of the manufacturer, the serial number of the device and certain technical characteristics (tension, power, etc.).

chuck key click to hear

Part for tightening and loosening the chuck’s jaws.