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pliers [2]click to hear

Hand tools with two movable jaws of fixed or variable gaps, intended for gripping or clamping objects.
pliers [2] rib joint pliers handle bolt nut straight jaw adjustable channel

rib joint pliers click to hear

Pliers with straight jaws, adjustable to several gap positions.

handle click to hear

Long part that, in concert with its twin, exerts pressure to open or close the jaws.

bolt click to hear

Metal plug ending in a head and threaded for screwing into a nut; it forms the pliers’ axle of articulation.

nut click to hear

Hollow cylinder of metal whose lining is threaded to screw onto a corresponding bolt.

straight jaw click to hear

Jaw whose interior side is rectilinear for grasping or clamping a flat, square or many-sided object.

adjustable channel click to hear

Set of notches that receive the bolt to change the jaws’ gap.