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examples of nailsclick to hear

examples of nails finishing nail masonry nail cut nail common nail spiral nail tack

finishing nail click to hear

The head, scarcely wider than the shank, can easily be hammered in and concealed; it is ideal for finishing work and moldings.

masonry nail click to hear

Made of hardened steel, it can be hammered into masonry without breaking or bending.

cut nail click to hear

The flat shank and head do not harm fibers; it is used especially for laying wood flooring.

common nail click to hear

Sturdy wide-headed nail, used for general woodwork and carpentry.

spiral nail click to hear

Turns like a screw as it is hammered in; it reduces cracking and is hard to pull out.

tack click to hear

Small wide-headed nail often used to affix carpets, fabric and other thin materials.