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Metal part, composed of a head and a partially or completely threaded shank, used to secure fastenings and assemblies.
screw thread shank slot head toggle bolt spring wing expansion bolt

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Spiral protrusion on the shank’s surface, for driving the screw into a solid material by turning.

shank click to hear

Nonthreaded part of a screw’s shank.

slot click to hear

Notch in the head into which a corresponding screwdriver tip can be inserted.

head click to hear

Broadened end of the screw, whose shape and slot vary.

toggle bolt click to hear

Part composed of a bolt with wings that deploy inside the wall to ensure a solid fastening.

spring wing click to hear

The spring under the wing keeps it folded along the bolt as it passes through a hole made in the wall; it then opens and acts like a nut.

expansion bolt click to hear

Part composed of a bolt in a sheath that bends when the bolt is inserted, then flattens out against the inside of the wall.