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routerclick to hear

Portable electric tool using rotating bits to mill moldings, grooves and wood joints.
router depth adjustment tool holder switch motor base collet guide handle cord sleeve head

depth adjustment click to hear

Device that regulates the depth of the bit, thus controlling the depth of the milling.

tool holder click to hear

Device fitted with jaws for attaching the bit to the router.

switch click to hear

Button for turning the device on or off.

motor click to hear

base click to hear

Support plate for the tool, which rests on the surface of the piece to be worked on.

collet click to hear

Ring-shaped part for tightening or loosening the tool holder.

guide handle click to hear

Used to hold and guide the tool.

cord sleeve click to hear

Protective casing around the cable to lessen twisting and prevent wear.

head click to hear

Flat top of the router; the tool rests on it when not in use.