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electricity tools [4]click to hear

The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.
electricity tools [4] cutter cable ripper multipurpose tool pivot insulated handle wire stripper wire cutter wire nut

cutter click to hear

Knife with a curved blade used mainly for making incisions in the sheathing of a nonmetal electric cable or wire.

cable ripper click to hear

Tool with openings of various diameters for stripping a nonmetal electric cable or wire.

multipurpose tool click to hear

Pliers fitted with straight jaws, used especially for gripping, cutting and stripping electric wires.

pivot click to hear

Pliers’ axle of articulation, which allows the jaws to open and close.

insulated handle click to hear

Long part of the pliers, covered with a material preventing the flow of electricity.

wire stripper click to hear

Pliers’ cutting notch, of various diameters, in which the end of an electric cable is clamped for stripping.

wire cutter click to hear

Cutting edge for cropping an electric wire.

wire nut click to hear

Hollow part inside which electric wires are connected.