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spray paint gunclick to hear

Pneumatic device atomizing paint onto a surface, giving it a smooth uniform finish.
spray paint gun container vent hole trigger air cap nozzle air hose connection gun body air valve fluid adjustment screw spreader adjustment screw

container click to hear

Reservoir for the paint, which is connected to the gun by a tube; here a low-pressure zone is created causing the liquid to be sucked in.

vent hole click to hear

Opening through which the air enters the container to maintain the atmospheric pressure.

trigger click to hear

Device that controls the supply of both air and paint.

air cap click to hear

Part directing the compressed air toward the nozzle; here the air comes in contact with the paint jet, which is atomized.

nozzle click to hear

Opening through which the paint flows; its size depends on the position of a conical part (pointer).

air hose connection click to hear

Threaded part receiving a flexible tube; it is connected to a compressor that allows the compressed air into the body of the gun.

gun body click to hear

air valve click to hear

Movable part whose opening is regulated by the trigger; it lets compressed air into the gun.

fluid adjustment screw click to hear

Screw for controlling the maximum size of a pointer, thereby determining the amount of paint emitted by the nozzle.

spreader adjustment screw click to hear

Movable part whose opening is controlled by a screw that controls the volume of air pushed into the air cap, thereby defining the size and shape of the paint jet.