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arc weldingclick to hear

Welding process in which the heat needed for fusing is provided by an electric arc between the electrode and the part to be welded.
arc welding ground clamp work lead arc welding machine electrode lead electrode holder electrode welding curtain

ground clamp click to hear

Tongs connecting the part to be welded to the work lead.

work lead click to hear

Cable returning the current to the arc welding machine.

arc welding machine click to hear

Device providing a current to the electrode; the current’s intensity depends on the nature of the parts to be welded and the electrode’s characteristics.

electrode lead click to hear

electrode holder click to hear

electrode click to hear

Detachable metal pin; it conducts the current and produces an electric arc.

welding curtain click to hear

Movable panel that stops the sparks and harmful light rays emitted while welding.