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oxyacetylene weldingclick to hear

Welding process in which the heat required for fusion is provided by the burning of an acetylene and oxygen mixture in the end of the torch.
oxyacetylene welding welding torch hose oxygen cylinder acetylene cylinder pressure regulator bottle cart

welding torch click to hear

Instrument burning gas to produce a flame of a given shape and intensity; it is used to weld and cut metal.

hose click to hear

Flexible tube bringing gas from the cylinder to the torch.

oxygen cylinder click to hear

Oxygen is the gas used to make the acetylene burn.

acetylene cylinder click to hear

As acetylene burns at very high temperatures (6,000°F), it is used in steel and metal work, where a high temperature must be attained quickly.

pressure regulator click to hear

Device placed at the outlet port of each cylinder; it lowers and stabilizes the gas pressure reaching the torch.

bottle cart click to hear

Support for the welding material, on wheels for easy moving.