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soldering gunclick to hear

Electric tool that is more powerful than a soldering iron; it uses finishing metal with a low melting point, such as lead, to join parts.
soldering gun cord sleeve housing pistol grip handle on-off switch heating element tip solder soldering iron

cord sleeve click to hear

Protective casing around the cable to lessen twisting and prevent wear.

housing click to hear

Case enclosing and protecting the device’s mechanism.

pistol grip handle click to hear

Part shaped like a pistol grip so the wrist remains straight while holding the tool.

on-off switch click to hear

heating element click to hear

Electrical resistor that quickly heats the tip.

tip click to hear

Metal part forming the end of the gun, used to heat a solder.

solder click to hear

Metal wire that, by fusing over a joint, joins two parts.

soldering iron click to hear

Electric tool with a tip for heating a solder, used to join parts that can take only weak mechanical pressure.