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energy-saving bulbclick to hear

Bulb whose electricity consumption is lower and its life longer than an incandescent bulb.
energy-saving bulb base fluorescent tube housing electronic ballast mounting plate tube retention clip bulb

base click to hear

Metal end of a lightbulb inserted into a socket to connect it to the electric circuit.

fluorescent tube click to hear

Tube in which the electric current produces ultraviolet radiation converted into visible light by a layer of a fluorescent substance.

housing click to hear

electronic ballast click to hear

Device stabilizing the electric current, ensuring that the light switches on instantly, without blinking.

mounting plate click to hear

Plate on which the lamp’s working devices are attached.

tube retention clip click to hear

Part into which the fluorescent tube is inserted to connect it.

bulb click to hear

Gas sealed in a glass envelope into which the luminous body of a lamp is inserted.