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forced warm-air systemclick to hear

In this type of system, air is heated in a furnace and blown by a fan through a network of ducts to the rooms of a dwelling.
forced warm-air system air return furnace plenum elbow wall stack section damper main duct branch duct hot-air register

air return click to hear

Duct directing air from a room back to the furnace to be reheated.

furnace click to hear

Device creating heat and blowing the air through the duct system.

plenum click to hear

Joining duct between the furnace and the hot-air distribution system.

elbow click to hear

Connection or part of a duct for altering the direction of the hot air.

wall stack section click to hear

Vertical duct carrying hot air upward toward the registers on the upper floors.

damper click to hear

Mechanism for regulating the volume of air passing through a duct.

main duct click to hear

Duct that leaves the furnace and carries hot air toward the branch ducts.

branch duct click to hear

Duct, usually made of sheet metal, carrying the hot air toward the registers.

hot-air register click to hear

Adjustable grill located at the end of a duct through which hot air is distributed throughout a room.