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washerclick to hear

Household appliance that washes clothes automatically.
washer backguard tub rim basket lint filter transmission motor torque converter drive belt spring leveling foot pump emptying hose drain hose suspension arm tub cabinet agitator lid control panel control knob water-level selector temperature selector

backguard click to hear

Vertical part across the back of the washer on which the appliance’s various controls are found.

tub rim click to hear

Protrusion that reduces splashing.

basket click to hear

Perforated drum into which the laundry is placed.

lint filter click to hear

Device collecting fiber residue from fabric.

transmission click to hear

Mechanism allowing the agitator and basket to turn at various speeds.

motor click to hear

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

torque converter click to hear

Mechanism controlling and adjusting the agitator and basket action.

drive belt click to hear

Device using a system of pulleys to transfer the motor’s mechanical energy to the washer’s transmission.

spring click to hear

Metal elastic piece attached to the suspension arm to reduce tub vibrations.

leveling foot click to hear

Adjustable part for supporting the appliance and making it level.

pump click to hear

Device that evacuates wastewater from the tub and drives it into the drain hose.

emptying hose click to hear

Pipe through which the washer’s pump empties the water from the tub.

drain hose click to hear

Flexible pipe through which the washer’s pump expels the wastewater to the dwelling’s drain circuit.

suspension arm click to hear

Metal struts supporting the tub.

tub click to hear

Durable container into which the water flows.

cabinet click to hear

Enameled sheet-metal case covering and protecting the appliance’s various components.

agitator click to hear

Device stirring the laundry.

lid click to hear

Moving part for closing the washer’s tub.

control panel click to hear

Panel containing the programming keys.

control knob click to hear

Device automatically controlling the selected wash cycle.

water-level selector click to hear

temperature selector click to hear