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disc faucetclick to hear

Type of faucet fitted with two perforated discs that regulate the water’s flow and its temperature.
disc faucet water inlet seal escutcheon aerator spout cylinder bonnet handle

water inlet click to hear

Tubular section through which water enters the faucet.

seal click to hear

Washer protecting a water inlet from leaking.

escutcheon click to hear

Plate for covering and protecting water-intake pipes.

aerator click to hear

Device fitted with a screen and attached to the spout; it aerates the water and prevents splashing.

spout click to hear

Curved end out of which water flows.

cylinder click to hear

Part fitted with two discs: one activated by the handle, the other stationary.

bonnet click to hear

Decorative part covering the body of the faucet; the handle turns on it.

handle click to hear

Lever for controlling water flow and the mixture of hot and cold water.