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mechanical connectors [1]click to hear

Pipes joined using nuts and threaded metal parts; a gasket is inserted to tighten them, thus preventing leakage.
mechanical connectors [1] union union nut gasket pipe B pipe A ring nut union nut

union click to hear

Formed by using a nut to tighten a male union nut in a female union nut; leakage is prevented by placing a gasket where the two tubes meet.

union nut click to hear

Threaded on the outside so it can be inserted into the female union nut.

gasket click to hear

Flexible washer placed where two tubes meet to prevent leakage.

pipe B click to hear

pipe A click to hear

ring nut click to hear

Part that enables a male union nut to be screwed into a female union nut.

union nut click to hear

Threaded on the inside so that a male union nut can be screwed into it.