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Sanitary fixture for disposing of bodily waste; it comprises a toilet bowl and a tank.
toilet seat seat cover lift chain float ball trip lever overflow tube toilet bowl waste pipe wax seal trap shutoff valve cold-water supply line conical washer valve seat shaft tank ball ball-cock supply valve tank lid refill tube flush handle filler tube

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Seat pierced with a hole; it can be raised or lowered.

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Part covering the toilet-bowl opening.

lift chain click to hear

Connector composed of a series of metal links that, when pulled up by the trip lever, opens the tank ball.

float ball click to hear

Movable device that, when dropping with the water level, opens the valve; when the water level rises again, it shuts the valve.

trip lever click to hear

Mechanism that, when activated by the flush handle, pulls up the lift chain, letting the water flow from the tank into the toilet bowl.

overflow tube click to hear

Drainpipe for draining off a fixture’s overflow when the water level reaches a certain level.

toilet bowl click to hear

Hollowed-out part of the fixture in which water flushes waste out through the trap.

waste pipe click to hear

Pipe through which wastewater is discharged and carried to the building sewer.

wax seal click to hear

Gasket inserted between the toilet trap and the waste pipe to prevent water from leaking into the room.

trap click to hear

Part of the toilet holding a certain amount of water so that sewage gases cannot escape from the draining circuit.

shutoff valve click to hear

Device for shutting off the supply of water to the toilet.

cold-water supply line click to hear

Pipe carrying water to the toilet.

conical washer click to hear

Watertight seal inserted in the toilet bowl opening to prevent the water from escaping.

valve seat shaft click to hear

Watertight device into which the tank ball is inserted to allow the tank to refill.

tank ball click to hear

Plug that, when raised by the lift chain, lets the water in the tank flow into the toilet bowl; it then sinks, allowing the tank to refill.

ball-cock supply valve click to hear

Mechanism allowing or stopping the flow of water into the tank; it is activated by the float ball.

tank lid click to hear

refill tube click to hear

Pipe carrying water from the cold-water supply line to the toilet bowl.

flush handle click to hear

Mechanism that one lowers in order to flush out the contents of the toilet; it activates the trip lever.

filler tube click to hear

Pipe carrying water from the cold-water supply line to the toilet tank.