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Assembly of members that consists of the load-bearing structure of a building and that provides stability to it.
frame window sill stud girder ledger brace bridging floor joist end joist corner stud footing foundation sill plate strut subfloor sheathing rafter tie beam header gable stud double plate ceiling joist

window sill click to hear

Level member at the bottom of a window opening.

stud click to hear

Vertical member used in walls to support the double plate and to which the wall covering is attached.

girder click to hear

Especially strong level member transferring the load above it to its supporting wall.

ledger click to hear

Level member located along a girder and supporting the ends of the floor joists.

brace click to hear

Vertical or diagonal member used to strengthen the studs and to keep them from deforming.

bridging click to hear

Structure composed of two members forming an X and placed between the joists to reinforce them and keep them from deforming.

floor joist click to hear

Level member resting on a ledger and a sill plate and intended to support the floor.

end joist click to hear

Member perpendicular and attached to the floor joists at their ends to form the exterior framework.

corner stud click to hear

Strong stud located at the corner of the frame.

footing click to hear

Spread-footing section supporting the foundation wall; it is usually made of cement.

foundation click to hear

Part of the wall located below ground level and wider than the wall itself, which it supports; it is usually made of cement.

sill plate click to hear

Member anchored to the top of the foundation wall; the floor joists and the end joists rest on it.

strut click to hear

Member placed between two studs to keep them evenly spaced and to increase stability and strength.

subfloor click to hear

Planks or plywood laid on floor joists; the floor covering is in turn laid on it.

sheathing click to hear

Wall covering attached directly to the frame serving as a base or support upon which to nail other facings.

rafter click to hear

Diagonal frame member of a sloped roof resting against the tie beam and the double plate; it supports the roof.

tie beam click to hear

Beam forming the hip of a sloped roof and against which the rafters rest.

header click to hear

Level member at the top of a window opening; it also transfers the vertical loads it supports to the contiguous gable studs.

gable stud click to hear

Vertical member of a frame transferring the roof’s load to the double plate.

double plate click to hear

Level double member attached to the top ends of the studs; it also supports ceiling joists and rafters.

ceiling joist click to hear

Level member to which the ceiling sheathing is attached; for a sloped ceiling, it is usually attached to the rafters.