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There are 550 conifer species; because they are well adapted to harsh climates, they often form the tree line on mountains and in subpolar regions.
examples of conifers cedar of Lebanon umbrella pine spruce fir larch

cedar of Lebanon click to hear

Conifer of Middle Eastern origin with a large, flattened top; now rare, former civilizations made abundant use of its wood.

umbrella pine click to hear

Conifer native to the Mediterranean area whose branches form a flattened crown, hence its name; it produces an edible seed, the pine nut.

spruce click to hear

Conifer with small cylindrical needles encircling the branch; it has reddish-brown bark and can grow to 180 ft.

fir click to hear

Scented conifer with flat needles arranged on each side of the branch; it has grayish bark, flecked with resin. Fir is commonly used as a Christmas tree.

larch click to hear

One of the few conifers that sheds its needles in the fall; its scented, resistant wood is used in construction and carpentry.