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structure of a fernclick to hear

structure of a fern sorus blade adventitious roots rhizome fiddlehead petiole pinna frond

sorus click to hear

Cluster of small spore-producing structures covering the underside of a pinna.

blade click to hear

Main part of the frond, rich in chlorophyll.

adventitious roots click to hear

Roots that grow out of the rhizome, enabling the fern to anchor itself to the soil and absorb water and mineral salts from it.

rhizome click to hear

Stem usually found underground that grows horizontally, occasionally vertically, out of which adventitious fronds and roots grow.

fiddlehead click to hear

Immature fern frond; its coiled tip is shaped like the head of a fiddle.

petiole click to hear

Slender part of the frond connecting the blade to the rhizome.

pinna click to hear

Segment of the frond’s blade, the underside of which bears sori.

frond click to hear

Fern leaf, originating at the rhizome, that bears sori and is especially adapted to capture light and perform photosynthesis.