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bimetallic thermometerclick to hear

Thermometer that uses the difference in expansion of two metals (usually iron and brass) to measure temperatures between 30°C or 86°F and 300°C or 375F°; it is used especially in industry.
bimetallic thermometer case pointer dial bimetallic helix shaft

case click to hear

Outer covering that encloses and protects the device’s mechanism.

pointer click to hear

Metal needle connected to the shaft that indicates the temperature on the dial.

dial click to hear

Graduated face with a pointer in front to indicate the temperature.

bimetallic helix click to hear

Band made by welding together two metals with different coefficients of expansion; it curves as the temperature changes.

shaft click to hear

Rod that transmits the bimetallic helix’s rotational motion to the pointer as a result of warping caused by heat.