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mechanical watch [2]click to hear

Set of geared wheels that reduce the force transmitted by a spiral spring to cause the watch’s hands to rotate.
mechanical watch [2] jewel escape wheel hairspring center wheel ratchet wheel click winder third wheel fourth wheel

jewel click to hear

Very hard stone (formerly a ruby, today a rock crystal) that resists wear; the rotation axle of a wheel rests on it.

escape wheel click to hear

Last wheel of the gear train with special teeth that causes the watch to operate regularly and continuously; it controls the movement of the other wheels.

hairspring click to hear

Flat spiral spring that causes the wheels of a watch to move over a certain period of time.

center wheel click to hear

Wheel that is connected to the hands and causes them to rotate on the dial.

ratchet wheel click to hear

Toothed wheel having only one direction of rotation; it is kept in place by the click.

click click to hear

Small lever that is engaged between the ratchet-wheel teeth and prevents it from rotating counter to its normal direction.

winder click to hear

Part that rewinds the mechanism, consisting of a series of wheels.

third wheel click to hear

Wheel that receives energy from the fourth wheel and drives the center wheel.

fourth wheel click to hear

Wheel that transmits energy to the third wheel.