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dynamoclick to hear

Continuous generator of electric current; it is used, for example, on bicycles for lighting.
dynamo field electromagnet commutator shaft frame fan wheel armature coil brush

field electromagnet click to hear

Fixed electromagnet made up of an iron bar and coils; when exposed to an excitation current, it creates a magnetic field.

commutator click to hear

Conductive plates that are insulated from each other and connected to the field coil; they collect and rectify the induced alternating current.

shaft click to hear

Cylindrical part that transmits a rotational motion to the dynamo’s armature.

frame click to hear

Metal casing that houses the magnetic field.

fan wheel click to hear

Device with blades that circulates air to cool the dynamo.

armature click to hear

Moving part of the dynamo that is made up of a coil, which produces an electric current as it rotates inside the field.

coil click to hear

Conductive wire that is rolled around the armature cylinder, which rotates in the magnetic field produced by the inductor to create an electric current.

brush click to hear

Conductor that rubs against the commutator plates and transmits the continuous current produced by the dynamo to an exterior circuit.