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churchclick to hear

Place of Christian worship.
church bell tower pew pulpit chalice candle high altar communion rail censer lectern holy water font confessionals ex-voto baptismal font secondary altar sacristy stained glass window sanctuary lamp frontal altarpiece crucifix statue tabernacle altar cross

bell tower click to hear

Tower with bays in which the bells are hung.

pew click to hear

Long narrow unupholstered seat with or without a back, seating several people.

pulpit click to hear

A raised platform used to address the congregation.

chalice click to hear

Cup in which the wine is consecrated during celebration of the mass.

candle click to hear

Long candle used in various Christian rites such as the mass, baptism and Easter.

high altar click to hear

The main altar in a church located near the back of the choir (apse).

communion rail click to hear

Table or balustrade before which the faithful stand to receive the Eucharist.

censer click to hear

Container having a cover with openings; it hangs from a small chain and incense is burned in it.

lectern click to hear

Stand with an inclined rack used to hold books such as hymnals and the Bible.

holy water font click to hear

Basin used to hold holy water; it is located near the entrance so that the faithful can cross themselves on entering.

confessionals click to hear

Small booth where the priest hears the confession of penitents.

ex-voto click to hear

Painting, object or plate hung inside a church to mark a vow or a blessing.

baptismal font click to hear

Basin atop a stand where babies are held during baptisms.

secondary altar click to hear

Side altar that is usually dedicated to the Virgin Mary or a saint.

sacristy click to hear

Area where sacred vases and sacerdotal vestments are kept.

stained glass window click to hear

Translucent decorative work comprised of an assemblage of glass pieces, usually colored, that fills a bay.

sanctuary lamp click to hear

Oil lamp suspended in front of the altar that remains lit at all times.

frontal click to hear

Ornamental covering for the front and sides of the altar.

altarpiece click to hear

Painted or sculpted vertical section placed on or behind the altar.

crucifix click to hear

Cross that depicts the crucified Jesus Christ.

statue click to hear

Sculpture on a base that represents a saint.

tabernacle click to hear

Small case used to hold the sacred vessel (ciborium) that contains the host.

altar cross click to hear

Wooden or metal cross on a base that is placed in the middle of the high altar during mass.