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mosque [2]click to hear

Place of worship in the Islamic religion.
mosque [2] door central nave Mihrab dome direction of Mecca fortified wall courtyard ablutions fountain reception hall shady arcades minaret service room porch prayer hall porch dome Minbar Mihrab Qibla wall

door click to hear

Muslims remove their shoes before entering the mosque and always enter right foot first.

central nave click to hear

The mosque’s principal nave; it adjoins the Mihrab.

Mihrab dome click to hear

Dome decorating the back of the central nave near the Mihrab.

direction of Mecca click to hear

Mecca: the religious capital of Islam is located in Saudi Arabia; Muslim prayers are always performed facing Mecca.

fortified wall click to hear

Fortification that once protected inhabitants seeking refuge inside the mosque during conflicts.

courtyard click to hear

Uncovered space bordered by the shady arcades; the ablutions fountain is located in the center of it.

ablutions fountain click to hear

Fountain that Muslims use to wash and symbolically purify certain parts of their bodies before entering the prayer hall.

reception hall click to hear

Large room used to greet visitors.

shady arcades click to hear

Gallery made up of a series of arches supported by columns.

minaret click to hear

Tower from which the call to prayer is made five times per day.

service room click to hear

porch click to hear

Covered entrance to the central nave.

prayer hall click to hear

Area made up of several naves and covered with rugs; Muslims remove their shoes to pray.

porch dome click to hear

Decorative dome atop the central nave porch.

Minbar click to hear

A pulpit at the head of a staircase; the Prophet and the first caliphs preached from the Minbar but many imams preach from one of the steps as a sign of respect.

Mihrab click to hear

Empty niche in the Qibla wall indicating the direction of Mecca.

Qibla wall click to hear

The wall that faces Mecca, the direction Muslims face to pray.