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dashboard equipmentclick to hear

Patrol equipment that is installed on the dashboard’s center console.
dashboard equipment light bar controller reading light microphones computer programs radio dashboard computer radar transceiver radar display

light bar controller click to hear

Device that controls the light bar and emergency accessories such as the siren, flashing lights and megaphones.

reading light click to hear

Small lighting fixture used to read documents or shed light on equipment such as the dashboard computer and the radio.

microphones click to hear

Devices that relay voice messages by means of electrical pulses.

computer programs click to hear

Programs that are accessible via a series of keys.

radio click to hear

Device used to communicate with locations such as the police station, other patrol cars and ambulances.

dashboard computer click to hear

Computer that is used to enter data related to an infraction or an accident, to check driver’s licenses and registration certificates, etc.

radar transceiver click to hear

Instrument that determines a vehicle’s speed by emitting electromagnetic wave beams and capturing their reflected echo.

radar display click to hear

Screen indicating the speed of vehicles targeted by the radar transceiver.