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respiratorclick to hear

Mask that filters out contaminated air; it covers the entire facial area to protect the nose, mouth and eyes.
respirator facepiece head harness filter cover exhalation valve inhalation valve cartridge visor

facepiece click to hear

Part of the mask that adheres to the face and prevents ambient air from entering.

head harness click to hear

Straps that attach at the back of the head to secure the mask to the face.

filter cover click to hear

Device that protects the cartridge filter.

exhalation valve click to hear

Device that allows air to be expelled from the mask.

inhalation valve click to hear

Device that allows air to enter the mask and prevents exhaled air from exiting through the air intake.

cartridge click to hear

Device that filters out contaminated air by absorbing harmful substances.

visor click to hear

Transparent part of the mask that allows the user to see.