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aircraft carrierclick to hear

Warship designed to carry combat aircraft and provide a flight deck for takeoff and landing.
aircraft carrier main deck elevator arresting cable runway landing deck missile launcher jet engine test area deck crane landing radar air search radar jet blast deflector catapult flight deck antenna

main deck click to hear

Installation used to house aircraft and carry out maintenance.

elevator click to hear

Mechanism that transports aircraft from the main deck to the flight deck.

arresting cable click to hear

Cable that slows the aircraft when it lands.

runway click to hear

Section of the platform for aircraft takeoff and landing.

landing deck click to hear

Section of the platform where aircraft park after landing.

missile launcher click to hear

Unit designed to fire missiles.

jet engine test area click to hear

Area where the turbojet engines are tested.

deck crane click to hear

Materials-handling device fitted with a rotating jib; a hook suspended from the jib is used to lift and move loads.

landing radar click to hear

Instrument that directs pilots to the flight deck when visibility is poor.

air search radar click to hear

Instrument for detecting enemy aircraft.

jet blast deflector click to hear

Mechanism that protects aircraft from hot gases expelled by the aircraft ahead in the takeoff line.

catapult click to hear

Steam-driven mechanism that propels the aircraft on takeoff.

flight deck click to hear

Section of the platform used for aircraft takeoff.

antenna click to hear

Device that emits and receives radio waves.