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flail mowerclick to hear

Device that cuts the forage stalks as it moves and prepares them for the next harvesting phase (drying on the field and collection).
flail mower draw bar hitch head tooth hydraulic hose tow bar pickup reel crushing roll cutter bar

draw bar hitch head click to hear

Device that secures the flail mower to the tractor’s towing hitch.

tooth click to hear

Curved tip for picking up the cut stalks.

hydraulic hose click to hear

Tube connected to the tractor’s hydraulic coupler that uses a fluid (oil) to transmit power from the engine to the device’s mechanisms.

tow bar click to hear

Metal part with a draw bar hitch head that secures the flail mower to a tractor.

pickup reel click to hear

Unit that bends the stalks toward the crushing roll.

crushing roll click to hear

One of two cylinders that crush and bend the stalks as they are fed between them; the crop is then deposited in a row on the ground.

cutter bar click to hear

Unit that consists of a metal blade with beveled sections and is of adjustable height; it is used to cut the crop stalks while moving.