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ribbing plowclick to hear

Plowing-tilling device for cutting up and plowing in furrow slices.
ribbing plow coupler head beam leg frog moldboard colter heel shear colter’s shaft

coupler head click to hear

Device that secures the ribbing plow to the tractor’s towing hitch.

beam click to hear

Horizontal bar that supports the parts of the plow and receives the pulling action.

leg click to hear

Metal part that connects the frog to the beam.

frog click to hear

Metal part attached to the end of the leg that supports the moldboard and the shear.

moldboard click to hear

Metal surface that lifts and plows in the furrow slice that was cut up by the colter and the shear.

colter click to hear

Round part that cuts the furrow slice vertically.

heel click to hear

Part on which the plow rests when it is not supported by the tractor.

shear click to hear

Steel blade that cuts the furrow slice horizontally.

colter’s shaft click to hear

Metal structure that supports the colters.