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scraperclick to hear

Machine that uses a blade to scrape the ground or roadbed and store the rubble in a bowl for disposal.
scraper tractor engine compartment cutting edge draft arm draft tube elevator gooseneck steering cylinder bowl

tractor engine compartment click to hear

Part of the machine made up of a powerful diesel engine and a cab from which to drive and operate it.

cutting edge click to hear

Usually toothed blade that is mounted on the front of the bowl; it scrapes off the top layer of a roadway or other surface.

draft arm click to hear

One of two shafts on each side that is supported by the draft tube; the bowl is raised and lowered between them.

draft tube click to hear

Transverse tube welded to the gooseneck; it supports the two draft arms and uses hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the bowl.

elevator click to hear

Belt fitted with chains and vanes that pulverizes the excavated material and chucks it into the bowl; in reverse gear it empties the bowl.

gooseneck click to hear

Arch serving as a coupling between the bowl and the tractor.

steering cylinder click to hear

One of two hydraulic cylinders on each side of the gooseneck that articulates with the bowl behind the tractor.

bowl click to hear

Open container in the front with a cutting edge; it is loaded and unloaded while in operation and removed for transport.