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examples of anchorsclick to hear

The weight and the shape of the arms of anchors are designed to hook onto various bottoms (such as firm, loose or reedy).
examples of anchors mushroom anchor grapnel plow anchor sea anchor stockless anchor stocked anchor

mushroom anchor click to hear

Anchor with a large crown instead of arms.

grapnel click to hear

Small anchor with four, sometimes folding, cruciform arms.

plow anchor click to hear

Anchor with a plow-shaped arm that pivots on the shank and hooks onto most bottoms.

sea anchor click to hear

Solid cone-shaped canvas sack that is dragged behind a boat to counter heaving and strong winds.

stockless anchor click to hear

Relatively light anchor with a pair of pivoting palms that fold along the shank.

stocked anchor click to hear

Relatively heavy and bulky anchor with a stock and two arms ending in palms.