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container shipclick to hear

Ship that is designed for transporting cargo in containers in its hold and on its deck.
container ship crew quarters chart room radio antenna lifeboat compass bridge radar stack anchor-windlass room forecastle masthead light container container hold

crew quarters click to hear

Compartments for housing crew members.

chart room click to hear

Office in which charts and other navigation documents are kept.

radio antenna click to hear

Metal conductor that emits and receives radio waves for communications.

lifeboat click to hear

Boat used for evacuating people from the ship in case of emergency.

compass bridge click to hear

Covered glassed-in platform from which officers and crew navigate the vessel.

radar click to hear

Detection device that emits radio waves and receives their echo; it is used to avoid collisions and to navigate when visibility is reduced.

stack click to hear

Tall pipe atop the engine that evacuates the steam and the combustion smoke.

anchor-windlass room click to hear

Opening made in a ship’s bulwark or deck for the anchor chains and lashings.

forecastle click to hear

Section of the forward deck for storing equipment such as chains and anchors.

masthead light click to hear

Lamp projecting a strong light several miles ahead and to the sides of the ship.

container click to hear

Metal box of standardized dimensions for transporting cargo.

container hold click to hear

Large compartment under the deck where containers are stowed.