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hovercraft [1]click to hear

Propeller vehicle that moves above water (or land) by gliding on a cushion of air it creates by blowing downward.
hovercraft [1] dynamics propeller navigation light air intake radar bow door control deck skirt finger flexible skirt life raft baggage racks drive shaft rudder propeller duct

dynamics propeller click to hear

Device that is made up of blades integrated with a shaft; it pushes air behind the hovercraft thus causing a forward movement.

air intake click to hear

Intake opening for the fan.

radar click to hear

Detection device that emits radio waves and receives their echo; it is used to avoid collisions and to navigate when visibility is reduced.

bow door click to hear

Door for passengers to enter and exit the cabin.

control deck click to hear

Compartment from which the pilots operate the hovercraft.

skirt finger click to hear

Flexible and pliable extension to the skirt that adapts to the surface of the water.

flexible skirt click to hear

Rubber flexible side that surrounds the edge of the hull to trap the air blown down by the lift fan; this increases pressure, which in turn causes lift.

life raft click to hear

Inflatable boat that transports passengers and crew in case of emergency.

baggage racks click to hear

Compartment for storing luggage.

drive shaft click to hear

Part transmitting the engine’s rotational movement to the propellers.

rudder click to hear

Pivoting part behind the propeller blast for steering the hovercraft.

propeller duct click to hear

Metal part that surrounds the propeller and increases its power by concentrating its air intake.