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diesel-electric locomotive [1]click to hear

Vehicle with a diesel engine turning a generator that in turn powers the electric traction motors.
diesel-electric locomotive [1] sandbox coupler head pilot side footboard fuel tank safety rail horn driver’s cab headlight

sandbox click to hear

Container for the sand that is strewn on the track in front of the wheels to provide friction.

coupler head click to hear

Device on each end of a locomotive or car for attaching it to another locomotive or car.

pilot click to hear

Steel bar attached to the frame that pushes aside debris from the track.

side footboard click to hear

Ladder attached to the chassis for climbing up to or down from the locomotive.

fuel tank click to hear

Reservoir containing the diesel fuel that makes the vehicle self-sufficient.

safety rail click to hear

Guardrail to prevent falls.

horn click to hear

Sounding device warning of the train’s approach.

driver’s cab click to hear

Compartment where the engineer operates the locomotive and has a view of the track ahead.

headlight click to hear

Lamp illuminating the track.