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dashboardclick to hear

Component in the passenger compartment comprising the instrument panel, the manual controls, storage and other accessories.
dashboard gas pedal cruise control ignition switch glove compartment clutch pedal steering wheel headlight/turn signal brake pedal parking brake lever center console gearshift lever audio system climate control horn rearview mirror sun visor vent vanity mirror wiper switch on-board computer

gas pedal click to hear

Unit controlled by the foot to increase, maintain or decrease the vehicle’s speed.

cruise control click to hear

Mechanism enabling the driver to maintain a cruising speed for the vehicle.

ignition switch click to hear

Switch activated by a contact key allowing a current from the battery to flow to the starter.

glove compartment click to hear

Small storage space fitted with a locking door.

clutch pedal click to hear

Pedal pushed to change gears.

steering wheel click to hear

Circular instrument used by the driver for steering the guide wheels.

headlight/turn signal click to hear

Lever having several positions that control the turn signals and the low and high beams.

brake pedal click to hear

Lever that the driver presses with the foot to activate the brake system.

parking brake lever click to hear

Lever connected to the rear-wheel brakes that the driver activates manually to stop the vehicle, or in case of emergency.

center console click to hear

Component located between the front seats and containing certain accessories and control devices, especially the parking brake and gearshift levers.

gearshift lever click to hear

Control for the gearbox that is manually activated by the driver to change gears.

audio system click to hear

Sound-reproduction device comprising a tuner and a cassette or CD player.

climate control click to hear

Mechanism operating the heating or air-conditioning system and controlling its intensity.

horn click to hear

Device emitting a loud sound that the driver can use to attract the attention of a pedestrian or other user of the road.

rearview mirror click to hear

Mirror mounted on the windshield, positioned by the driver so that the vehicles following behind can be seen in it.

sun visor click to hear

Movable panel that the passenger can lower over the upper part of the windshield or of the side window to prevent being blinded by the Sun.

vent click to hear

Opening, usually covered by an adjustable grille, allowing warm or cold air into the passenger compartment.

vanity mirror click to hear

Small mirror on the inside of the sun visor.

wiper switch click to hear

Electric mechanism for switching on the windshield wipers, controlling their speed and activating the windshield washer fluid.

on-board computer click to hear

Computer integrated into the vehicle; it provides information about the vehicle’s main components and helps the driver with tasks related to driving.